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夜猫俱乐部LOGO设计_画板 1 副本 20.png


Logo & Identity


Yeah Mao is a product under Mao Livehouse, dedicated to creating a diverse party experience for young people. At YEAH MAO, free-spirited music and lively dance moves connect fun-loving souls. 


To adapt to diverse music and a young customer base, I e designed a minimalist box-shaped graphic to convey the concept of "music storage" or "music buttons," engaging the audience's emotional involvement. The linear typography design remains faithful to the connected nature of music, while the shape of an electronic volume bar evokes the rhythm and dynamism of music and queues.


The second design draws inspiration from the the Chinese meaning of YEAH MAO, which means “Night Cat." The term refers to nocturnal feline animals, and also describes people who enjoy nighttime activities. 


Combining elements of an owl and a long-eared cat, the minimalist and cute Night Cat image represents the captivating nightlife and a sense of mysterious allure. The brand's abbreviation "YM" is formed by the cat's mouth shaped like the letter "M" and its ears. The angular typography complements the logo, offering versatility and clear brand visibility in different contexts.\\


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